5 Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss While On Phentermine

Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss While On Phentermine

It might be quite confusing for you to choose your food items while you’re on phentermine cycle. Fruits and vegetables are what you need the most in such times.

In this article, we’re going to list out 5 best fruits with their benefits which you can eat as a part of your meal to get the best out of your weight loss journey.


Apples help you to take lot fewer calories as it contains around 85% water.

Apples contain a lot of fibers which slows down your digestion process and so, you end up eating much lesser calories and get the stomach full at the same time.

According to a research, apple was evident to be useful to lose a significant amount of weight in just 10 weeks.

We would recommend you to take at least 3 apples a day while you’re on phentermine cycle.


Grapes are amazing fruits, aren’t they? They contain very fewer calories and a high amount of fibers just like apples helping you to stay full with fewer calories.

Some people claim that eating a grape before your meal leads to quick weight loss but we did not found any evident sources for the same.

We would say eat at least a couple of grapes a day and you will thank us for that.


Apricots are the rich source of fibers which slow the digestion process just like apple and make you feel stomach full.

Apricots contain very less fat. The amount of fat per apricot is one gram.

Apricots are rich in antioxidants which make them further more health friendly.

We would recommend our readers to a couple of apricots a day as a part of their meal.


Blackberries contain a lot of water which helps you to take fewer calories in your diet helping you to shed your body fat quick. Each Blackberry gives us 62 calories.

Moreover, the antioxidants and other nutrients in blackberries have been found to be really effective in curing several diseases including cancer.

Our weight loss specialists would recommend you to add blackberries to your diet.


We always love a bite of watermelon in the hot sunny day but did you ever wonder about how it could help you while you’re on phentermine.

Watermelon contains 92% of water and thus, lower calories. The amount of calories that we get from watermelon is just 47 calories.

Thus, watermelon helps you maintain a lower calorie diet. We would definitely recommend you to use it in your diet plan.

Bottom line

A single article cannot list of fruits which are really useful for weight loss. There are many other fruits apart from above such as banana, plums, raspberries etc. which also help you in shedding your weight while you’re on phentermine cycle.