Can You Donate Blood While Taking Phentermine?

There might be a situation with phentermine users like yourself, when you might need to donate your blood and you might wonder about, “Can I donate blood while taking Phentermine?”. We say it is usual for you to wonder about the same.

According to a majority of doctors, donating blood while taking phentermine has no issues with the blood content whatsoever but there is one catch.

When you take Phentermine, you start losing your appetite because of which your body stays at low-calorie level. Now, when you donate blood, it might show some mild effects like drowsiness for some time etc.

While donating blood, you are always offered with some food items and you might wonder why do they provide those. The answer is simple, to generate some quick energy in the donor’s body so he is not able to feel the small effects due to the sudden blood loss in the body.

All in all, you can safely donate blood while you’re on your Phentermine dosage. But we would suggest you to take enough calories the day before so nothing can go wrong.