Meal Plan While on Phentermine

A lot of people are benefited by this amazing weight loss pill Phentermine that can provide you some amazing results in just a few days. The most important thing about this weight loss pill is that it doesn’t have any severe side effects.

Phentermine doses are quite simple. All you need to do is take one dose before your breakfast and the other one before your lunch. Although Phentermine gives you some great results, you need to take care of a few things in order to be benefited by the same for long.

Your Meal Plan and Phentermine        

Meal plan plays a great role in your weight loss program while on Phentermine. A good meal plan is very important in your daily life because that determines your success in your weight loss program.

Skipping your meal is never a good idea when you’re using Phentermine. That will slow down your metabolism which will affect your progress. You need to add a lot of protein, nutrients, vitamins and the right amount of carbohydrates, right amount of calories and the right amount of fluids in your meal plan. Along with that you also need to eat the right kind of snacks so that you don’t end up adding harmful crabs and fats in your diet plan.

Here is a small meal plan for you when you’re using Phentermine—

  1. Breakfast Meal Plan– The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Add eggs, whole wheat breads, green tea, fruits, oats, yoghurts, and cereal on your breakfast plan every day. All these food items will provide you the right amount of protein, fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidant properties.
  2. Lunch Meal Plan – If you don’t know what to add on your lunch meal during your Phentermine days, then here is what you need to do. You can eat Goat Cheese omelet with tomato and spinach, Chicken Burrito or add Milk, apple and peanut butter in your daily lunch plan. These meal plans will give you enough proteins and other vital nutrients needed for your body.
  3. Dinner Meal Plan – Your day might be a very busy and tiring one but that doesn’t mean that you will get the liberty to skip your dinner while on Phentermine. You need to eat the right amount of food with proper nutrients. You can eat Vegetable Frittata, Quinoa Salad, Grilled Chicken or Stir fry at dinner while on Phentermine.
  4. Snacks – Just like your meal plan should be a good one, the same way, you must eat the right snack while you’re on Phentermine. You can eat Fruits and nuts, Apples and peanut butter, Turkey and Lettuce wrap or apples and peanut butter as your snacks.
  5. A lot of fluids – It is always important for you to drink a lot of fluids while you’re on Phentermine. That will keep you hydrated and you’ll also not face the side effect of dry mouth. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water along with some homemade smoothies. Berry smoothies are the best option here. This will not only give you a lot of hydration, but also will provide you protein and fiber.

Your meal plan needs a lot of attention while you’re on Phentermine. Also, the right dose of Phentermine is another thing you need to take care of.